Growth Mindset Master Class

Move past the social media myths and misunderstandings about Growth Mindsets and discover how to make an enduring difference to your students’ learning.

In this masterclass, you will explore the Mindset Continuum, gaining new insights and a powerful toolkit of classroom strategies that will develop your students’ Mindsets.


Professor Carol Dweck has spent a large part of her career demonstrating the critical importance of a Growth Mindset in student learning and achievement. She has shown how our Mindset guides our responses to challenges, mistakes, the development of our abilities, and whether we are open to feedback.

Over the past few years, schools have rushed to embrace her research… with mixed results.

In this powerful workshop, you will discover why so many of our current school-based Growth Mindset interventions have failed. Most importantly, you will discover how to implement strategies that work!

The Mindset Continuum


Effective classroom strategies recognise that a student’s Mindset is not a simple dichotomy of Fixed versus Growth. Instead, it falls along a continuum.

This realisation shifts our focus away from teaching about an understanding of Mindset, as if it were a topic, to teaching for the development of a Growth Mindset. The Mindset Continuum allows us to focus on strategies that help our students to become more growth oriented.

This course shows you how to create positive Mindset Movers that nudge students along the Mindset Continuum. As we move students along the continuum, they improve their critical learning behaviours, develop a more growth-oriented Mindset, and become better learners.

As Professor Carol Dweck has noted, “A Growth Mindset is not a declaration, it’s a journey.” A journey that takes place along the Mindset Continuum. 

Topics covered include:

Backstories – "The" Growth Mindset Strategy

At the heart of all successful Growth Mindset strategies is the idea of recognising, valuing, and creating a person’s backstory – the process that developed their talents and abilities. We unpack the five truths about talent and explore how misunderstanding talent can create a Fixed Mindset.

How We Change Mindsets

Our Mindset comprises our most deeply held beliefs about ourselves. Explore how we came to hold these beliefs and the three key strategies to change them.

Growth Mindset and Growth

A Growth Mindset is not growth; it is simply the understanding that growth is possible. It is also an invitation to grow, and the foundation of the Agile Learner. Learn how to teach your students to engage in the learning process more effectively to “raise the bar”.

Mistakes, Practise and Effort

We will investigate classroom strategies that change the way we help students understand and engage in the learning process. You will learn to recognise the four different types of effort, strategies to encourage your students to engage in Effective Effort, and how to praise effort appropriately.

Assessment for a Growth Mindset

Explore all aspects of assessment for the development of a Growth Mindset. Discover how to change the meaning we attach to assessment, how to focus on and value growth, and the behaviours that lead to growth.

 Nudges – Creating Positive Mindset Movers

At the core of this course is the creation of your Growth Mindset Style Guide. This guide will enable you to overcome the influence of the False Mindset, so you consistently fill your classroom with positive Mindset Movers.

Changing Mindsets

Social media is full of myths and misunderstandings about Mindsets (watch the video), leading to ineffective Growth Mindset interventions.

This course takes you beyond the snappy yet flawed catchphrases and rules to reveal how you can develop your own Growth Mindset Style Guide. It will even challenge you to change your own Mindset.

For schools adopting a whole-school approach, the Master Class will show you how to develop a culture that systemically supports the development of a Growth Mindset amongst your staff, students and the wider community.

Marie Auvachen 

Principal, North Danalup Primary School 

I found the content and delivery to be so professional, thought provoking and inspiring. 

I really appreciated the opportunity to be involved.  This has definitely impacted on the way I will lead my school into the future.

Dean Finlay

Principal Ocean Road Primary School & WAPPA Board Member

The impact for staff and students at Ocean Road Primary School has been profound with Growth Mindsets permeating through classrooms across the school.

 James has the ability to captivate his audiences and deliver challenging content based on the work of Carol Dweck.

Five Professional Learning Options 

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Individual and Small Team Professional Learning Options

Engaging, practical and powerful professional learning that will achieve better outcomes for your students.


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  • 15% discount for teams of 3 or more
  • Teams of 3 or more receive a 1-hour private coaching session with James Anderson
  • 15% discount on book purchases
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Whole School Learning Options

Get your whole staff on board to create real school change.

Mentored Whole-School Professional Learning

This package gives you all the resources in the online course plus access to James Anderson’s Leading Learning Academy for a complete professional learning program for your entire staff.

How Does it Work?

Nominate a team of 3–5 teachers to lead your on-site professional learning. James will mentor this team to design and deliver a tailored program to meet the learning needs of your teachers.

This approach allows you to blend online learning with whole-staff activities, discussions, and other learning protocols from James’s Leading Learning Academy. Design and deliver your school-based professional learning plan over 3–12 months.

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School-Based Partnership

With this package, James Anderson will come to your school for a full day of staff development. Inspire and engage your staff with this dynamic and insightful keynote plus workshop.

This 12-month partnership gives you a fully tailored and complete approach to your staff’s professional learning. It includes access to all online lessons and the Leading Learning Academy, as well as unlimited email and phone support for your leadership team as you implement the ideas.

 Parent information nights and ongoing virtual learning options are available, as well as discounted access to all other courses.

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Karen Merrick

Director of Strategy and Planning Arndell Anglican College

James' energetic presentation style engaged and challenged staff about the concepts of Growth Mindset and how we use language to build resilience in ourselves and our students. The development of Carol Dweck's "Not Yet" to "What's Next" has had instant impact on our thinking about Growth Mindset. I thoroughly recommend James Anderson for whole school professional development and look forward to working further with James on our journey of building a Growth Mindset culture across our College community

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