James Anderson


Putting the growth back into Growth Mindset

Do you want to develop robust and enduring Growth Mindsets in your students?

James Anderson is an educator, author and keynote speaker who supports organisations, schools and families to enable the people they lead to thrive in a rapidly changing, increasingly complex world.


The foundation of James’s work is the Growth Mindset. Having worked with schools around the world, James knows how to take teachers beyond simple social media catchphrases to practical strategies that work. By challenging adults’ Mindsets, he equips them with the tools to create a powerful approaches that nurture a more growth oriented Mindsets.


James skilfully unites the Habits of Mind, Anders Ericsson’s critical work on practice and Carol Dweck’s work on Growth Mindset. The result is a compelling combination that increases efficacy and achieves greater learning outcomes through the development of Learning Agility.

James is a Certified Speaking Professional and author of The Agile Learner, Succeeding with Habits of Mind and numerous e-books. His latest book, The Learning Pit and the Learning Landscape, is due for release in 2019.



Learnership – how to become a skilful learner

After decades of focusing on the skill of teaching, it’s time to focus on the skill of learning.

We have skillful teachers in our schools. They know how to employ the most effective teaching strategies. We recognize, celebrate and value masterful teaching. Now it’s time to raise the status of learning from an act to an art, and ensure students are engaging in the most effective learning strategies. To celebrate and value masterful learning. To ensure students go beyond merely achieving outcomes and become skillful, effective learners.

In this session James shares his signature work on Learnership. For the first time he defines what it means to be a skillful learner. He shows you how to create a culture for learning and growth in your classroom. A culture that shares the responsibility for learning between the teacher and the students. A culture where every learner achieves more.

By developing Learnership, you create learners who embrace challenges, cultivate powerful Habits of Mind, leverage the information in mistakes, tailor feedback and consistently invest their effort in growth.

What will delegates learn?

  • The six levels of learnership
  • proven strategies that teach student to become more effective learners.
  • how to create a classroom culture that drives growth

What can delegates expect if they participate?

  • Solutions to address reluctant, passive and underachieving learners
  • Strategies to develop students who have a positive relationship with challenge
  • Effective strategies for building a shared language of learning
  • A deep understanding of the skill of learning and how to develop it
  • A classroom where your skill as a teacher is matched by your students skill as a learners

Learner Agency - Creating students who make a difference in the world.

The idea of Learner Agency has become a buzz word in education, but like so many buzz words, it is often poorly understood and misapplied. Learner Agency is so much more than “voice  and choice”.

Learners who have agency are powerful in the world, not powerless. They confront challenges with confidence, not fear. The become the masters of their circumstances, not the victims. They act on the world, rather than letting the world act on them. As a result they have greater aspirations and see more opportunity in life.

In this insightful session James Anderson offers you a purposeful and practical model for developing agency in your students. A model that focus on three key elements; the environment to act, the will to act and the power to act. It’s a model that changes the student, developing in them the capacity to be agents in the world.

In this session you’ll learn why we cannot “give” students agency. Agency is a quality to be developed, an outcome to be achieved. This session will show you how to achieve it!

What will delegates learn?

  • A powerful and practical model for developing Learner Agency in your school or classroom
  • Deep insights, and practical strategies, for developing Agency in learners.
  • How developing a Growth Mindset imparts the will to act.
  • How developing Learnership gives students the power to act.


What can delegate expect if they participate?

  • To understand the critical role true challenge plays in developing agency
  • How to nurture a Growth Mindset to increase a learners will to act
  • How to develop Learnership to increase a student’s power to act
  • To stop wasting time on low impact strategies that merely give students a “sense of agency”
  • To develop students who succeed in school, and thrive in life.


Learner Agency is an outcome. Not a pedagogy.

Growth Mindset – the foundation to learning and motivation

Before we can learn, we must first understand ourselves as learners. This is the foundation that a Growth Mindset provides, by developing in learners the understanding that they are in charge of creating their abilities.

So many of the challenges teachers commonly face can be traced back to a learners mindset. Students who are reluctant to take on challenges. Or who are stubbornly un-motivated to learn. Students who fear mistakes, or see refuse to put in effort. All of these are symptoms of a student’s mindset, that stop them engaging effectively in learning.

In this session James Anderson helps you recognize that while the idea of Fixed and Growth mindsets is useful for understanding mindsets, to change mindsets we must recognize that our mindset falls somewhere between these two extremes, along the Mindset Continuum©.

He shows you how to “nudge” students along the Mindset continuum. He resets our expectations for success from being by the number of students with a Growth Mindset, to  how far each student has moved along the Mindset Continuum. He shows you how to create an environment that nurtures an increasingly growth oriented mindset in every student, in every lesson, every day.

What will delegates learn?

  • How your students’ mindsets limit their growth, and how to “un-limit” them.
  • How to shift from teaching about a Growth Mindset, to teaching for a Growth Mindset.
  • Practical, proven and effective strategies for nurturing a more growth-oriented mindset
  • How your student’s mindset impacts their motivation and choice

What can delegates expect if they participate?

  • To be challenged to reflect on how your mindset creates mindset movers in your classroom
  • Learn how to apply “nudges” to nurture a more growth-oriented mindset in your students
  • For your students to become more persistent & improve their relationship with challenge, mistakes and effort.

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