LEARNERSHIP: The Skill Of Learning

Think of Learnership in the same way you think of craftsmanship or leadership. It denotes a skilful act. As students develop their Learnership, they engage in the process of learning in increasingly effective ways. 

Over recent years there has been an increasing focus on what teachers do in the classroom. Many countries have created powerful documents that describe what quality teaching looks like. 

Learnership focuses on the other side of the equation. It focuses on what quality learning looks like.

The best learning outcomes for students occur where quality teaching meets quality learning.

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In this powerful and insightful webinar, James Anderson unpacks the concept of Learnership.

Discover what it means to be a highly skilled learner, why this isn't just desirable, but critical for our students, and how we help students develop as more skilful, Agile Learners.

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The 5 Elements of Learnership

Learnership relates to five critical aspects of learning and how learners engage with these. They are:

How well do your learners respond to challenge? How prepared are they to step into their Learning Zone? 

Are your learners actively focused on developing their learning behaviours? How well do they focus on how they are learning, and not just what they are learning? 

How do your students respond to the mistakes they make? Are they making the types of mistakes that help them learn? 

How well do your students gather and use feedback? Are they making the most of the feedback you provide to them?

Are your learners wasting, spending or investing their time and energy? Are they more focused on how much time and energy they spend, or how well it's spent? 

Six different types of learners

The learnership matrix defines six different types of learners, based on the learners relationship to and ability to interact with the five critical aspects of learning.

In practice few learners  are so easily defined and are better described as predominately being at one level, or in the process of transitioning between levels. 

Use the matrix below to identify how skilfully you, or those you lead, engage in the learning process.

The Mathematics Association of Victoria features Learnership

Common Denominator is the journal of the Mathematics Association of Victoria. The feature article of the July edition highlighted the importance of Learnership. 

Download your copy of the feature article from here.

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Professional Learning Opportunities


Learnership May/June Online Intensives

Discover how to develop your students as more effective learners in the Learnership online intensive course. These intensives are offered in partnership with the Principals Academy in Singapore.

Conducted over 4 x 4 hour sessions in November these highly engaging and interactive sessions will lead you through how to establish the foundation for learnership by developing a more growth-oriented Mindset in your students. You'll then explore how to improve your student's relationship with challenges, develop their Habits of Mind, help them to make better use of feedback and mistakes, and learn how to invest their time and energy more wisely. 

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Learnership in the Primary Maths Classroom

I am excited to be partnering with the Mathematical Association of Victoria throughout May througgh August 2022 to offer a unique professional learning  opportunity.

In this series of workshops, you’ll unpack the Learnership Matrix, identify the type of learners you have in your classroom, and learn how to guide your students in becoming more skilful learners. The Learnership model will be demonstrated by practical examples from Jessica Mount, MAV mathematics Education Consultant, allowing you to develop your learners within the context of the mathematics classroom.

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Learnership at your school or organisation

Are you interested in Professional Learning related to developing Learnership in our school or organisation?  Would you like to help your learners become Agile Learners? 

I offer professional learning to both education and corporate sectors in developing Learnership. To find out more about how I can help, contact me or book a time in my calendar to talk about your next event.

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