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Inspirational. Entertaining. Engaging.

Energise your audience with a keynote that challenges them to think differently about Mindsets. 

Keynotes and workshops can be delivered virtually via Jame's professional broadcast studio. Contact James to find out more!

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James' Latest Books

The Mindset Continuum

In The Mindset Continuum, James Anderson gives deep insights into the practical application of Carol S. Dweck's work. He explains why most current Growth Mindset interventions are failing and provides clear and compelling direction for schools wanting to implement Growth Mindset strategies that work!

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The Learning Landsape

The Learning Landscape outlines a powerful metaphor for visualising learning. By mapping the abstract concept of learning onto a physical journey in the real world, the learning process is made tangible and accessible to learners. Get your copy today and start creating better learners in your classroom.


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The Mindset Continuum

In The Agile Learner, you'll discover how to move students along the Mindset Continuum. But a Growth Mindset is just the beginning. In order to achieve growth you need to develop your Habits of Mind and engage in Virtuous Practice. This book will show you how! 

Now more than ever we need Agile Learners. Learners that not only understand that they are capable of growth, but also know how to go about achieving it! These are the types of learners that thrive in a rapidly changing and challenging world and become anitfragile! 

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James Anderson provides keynote presentations, consultancy, onsite and online training in Growth Mindset, Habits of Mind, and Learning Agility.


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