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James Anderson

James Anderson is a Certified Speaking Professional. James works with educational and corporate clients throughout Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. James’ work focuses on how to develop both ourselves and those we lead to respond effectively to transformation and innovation in a VUCA world.

At the heart of James’ work is the Growth Mindset. James is the creator of The Mindset Continuum, which breaks open the Fixed/Growth dichotomy. Through the Mindset Continuum, James is creating new ways for his clients to understand, challenge and ultimately change their mindset. He dispels social media misunderstandings and develops a deep appreciation of what a Growth Mindset can, and can’t do, in your organisation. He helps leaders to deeply reflect on their own mindset, carefully challenging the origin of their current beliefs in a way that shows them how to develop a more growth-oriented mindset.

In a rapidly changing and challenging world, a Growth Mindset is an essential foundation for effecting cultural change in an organisation. However, to create that change, individuals must also develop the capacity for change. James uniquely extends the concept of Growth Mindset, combining it with powerful Habits of Mind and Effective Practice to create Learning Agility. His 2018 book, The Agile Learner, explores this concept in detail.

James has worked across sectors as diverse as education, finance, medical, retail and the military. James experience in diverse industries enables him to produce bespoke keynotes that deliver key ideas, tailored to engage your audience. Audiences describe his work as “powerful”, “engaging”,” entertaining”, “insightful” and “challenging”.

James is a Certified Speaking Professional and a certified Virtual Presenter. He regularly speaks at conferences around the world both virtually and in person. 

His previous publications include Succeeding with Habits of Mind, The Agile Learner and The Learning Landscape, as well as a host of e-books and other teacher resources. His online course, “Transforming Teaching and Learning with Growth Mindsets,” supports thousands of educators in schools around the world. He is an international affiliate of Art Costa and Bena Kallick’s Institute for Habits of Mind and the creator of

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James Anderson provides keynote presentations, consultancy, onsite and online training in Growth Mindset, Habits of Mind, and Learning Agility.


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