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The Learning Landscape

How to increase Learner Agency and become a lifelong learner

In The Learning Landscape, James Anderson outlines a powerful metaphor for visualising learning. Mapping the abstract concept of learning onto a physical journey in the real world, the learning process is made tangible and accessible to learners.

Students will be guided across the plains of the Learning Landscape, passing over the foundational knowledge that has come before them, while overcoming pits of challenging learning in an effort to climb to the peaks of expertise.

In the Learning Landscape, challenges are represented by four different types of Challenge Pits™:

  • The Learning Challenge
  • The Performance Challenge
  • The Downhill Challenge
  • The Aspirational Challenge

Only by equipping students with powerful learning tools, such as the Habits of Mind, will they be prepared for the climb out of these Challenge Pits™, as their mindsets determine how far they can travel and how high they can climb.

Drawing on the work of Nicholas Nassim Taleb, Art Costa and Bena Kallick, Anders Ericsson, and Carol Dweck, The Learning Landscape provides teachers with a tool to develop learner agency, creating more effective learners, improving engagement and, ultimately, learning outcomes.

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The Mindset Continuum

How to implement Growth Mindsets and increase Learner Agency

In The Mindset Continuum, James Anderson gives deep insights into the practical application of Carol S. Dweck's work. He explains why most current Growth Mindset interventions are failing and provides clear and compelling direction for schools wanting to implement Growth Mindset strategies that work!

The Mindset Continuum resets our expectations for our work with Mindsets. By building a Growth Mindset Style Guide, teachers create positive mindset movers that nurture an increasingly growth-oriented mindset in their students. In short, we stop teaching about a Growth Mindset and start teaching for a Growth Mindset.

Developing a more growth-oriented mindset is just one factor in helping students become better learners. In this book, you'll discover the role mindset plays in helping students increase Learner Agency and become better learners!

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The Agile Learner

Where Growth Mindset, Habits of Mind and Practice Unite

The Agile Learner combines three powerful ideas: Growth Mindset, Habits of Mind and Virtuous Practice. It shows teachers not only how to create the Growth Mindset, but also how to translate that Mindset into actual growth in their student’s abilities.

In The Agile Learner you will:

  • Go beyond social media hype to a deep understanding of Mindsets
  • Stop treating the symptoms of a Fixed Mindset, and learn how to address the underlying causes
  • Explore the Mindset Continuum, and it’s importance to making practical changes to students mindset
  • Create powerful Mindset Movers that will shift students mindsets
  • Examine the subtle but powerful influence a teacher’s Mindset has on students
  • Learn how to translate a Growth Mindset in to actual growth
  • Discover the Four Rules about Talent and learn how to apply them in your classroom
  • Develop Learning Power in students with Habits of Mind
  • Learn why not all sorts of practice work, and how to encourage Virtuous Practice
  • Help student grow by showing them how to engage in Effective Effort.
  • Much more…
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Succeeding with Habits of Mind

Developing, infusing and sustaining the Habits of Mind for a more thoughtful classroom

Beginning your learning journey with Habits of Mind is easy. Knowing where the next steps are can be ellusive, and more challenging. In these pages you’ll find practical guidance that takes you beyond introducing the Habits of Mind and helps you build deep understandings so you can succeed in developing, infusing, leading and sustaining the Habits of Mind in your school.You will learn how to:

Develop students Habits of Mind
Go beyond merely naming and requiring students to use the Habits of Mind. Understand what it means to grow and develop more mature Habits of Mind, so students actually get better at them.

Infuse the Habits of Mind into the curriculum
The Habits are not an extra or an add-on. Learn how to use the Backwards Design process to infuse the development of the Habits of Mind seamlessly into the day-to-day life of the classroom in a way that improves student learning outcomes.

Lead the change in your school
Understand the most effective ways to lead your school through the introduction of the Habits and beyond. Recognise the common challenges faced by school leaders and how to successfully get everybody onboard.

Sustain the change
Ensure the Habits take root and become part of the norms of your school. Explore ways to instil the Habits of Mind into the culture of your school community.

Success is a journey. This book gives you the knowledge you’ll need as you move beyond the basics and succeed in building an even more thoughtful learning community with Habits of Mind.

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