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Learner Agency

Learner Agency is a term educators are hearing more and more about. It appears in educational policy documents around the world, and school leaders are being told the importance of creating environments that promote “Learner Agency”.

But what really is Learner Agency and how do schools develop it in students? In this insightful whitepaper, I explore the concept of Learner Agency, dispel many of the common misconceptions, explain why you can't "give" students agency, I then offer a practical model for schools to meaningfully move forward with this important concept.

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Growth Mindset Educators Kit

In The Mindset Continuum, James Anderson gives deep insights into the practical application of Carol S. Dweck’s work. He explains why most current Growth Mindset interventions are failing and provides clear and compelling direction for schools wanting to implement Growth Mindset strategies that work!

The Growth Mindset Educators Kit includes a copy of The Mindset Continuum eBook and the Mindset Continuum Summary.

You can also buy a hard copy of this powerful book in my online store - click here to get your copy for just $19.95.

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Habits of Mind Starter Kit

Along with Art Costa and Bena Kallick, as well as many passionate educators, James has worked to infuse the Habits of Mind into schools and systems, into classrooms and the wider community – with extraordinary results.

The Habits of Mind Starter Kit includes; the Habits of Mind Posters, Success with Habits of Mind eBook, Insights into Habits of Mind eBook, the Habits of Mind Summary Page, the Habits of Mind, Matching Game, Habits of Mind Quotes Compilation.

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Educational Leaders eBook Library

A comprehensive library of free resources for educational leaders, The Educational Leaders eBook Library includes the following:

  • The Agile Learner eBook
  • Getting Misatkes Right eBook
  • Success with Habits of Mind eBook
  • The Mindset Continuum eBook
  • The Mindset Continuum Summary
  • The Learner Agency Summary

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