The Mindset Continuum

How to Implement Growth Mindsets and Increase Learner Agency

In The Mindset Continuum, James Anderson gives deep insights into the practical application of Carol S. Dweck's work. He explains why most current Growth Mindset interventions are failing and provides clear and compelling direction for schools wanting to implement Growth Mindset strategies that work!

The Mindset Continuum resets our expectations for our work with Mindsets. By building a Growth Mindset Style Guide, teachers create positive mindset movers that nurture an increasingly growth-oriented mindset in their students. In short, we stop teaching about a Growth Mindset and start teaching for a Growth Mindset.

Developing a more growth-oriented mindset is just one factor in helping students become better learners. In this book, you'll discover the role mindset plays in helping students increase Learner Agency and become better learners!

This book is available as a beautiful, glossy paperback book, or as a downloadable eBook in our Growth Mindset Educators Kit.

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