As parents we play a huge role in shaping their children's mindset. The things we say, how we praise and reward our children, all help shape our child's mindset.

Unfortunately much of the advice we find on social media about how to encourage and develop a Growth Mindset in our children, while well intentioned, is incomplete or misguided, and can actually result in the creation of a more fixed mindset in our children.

I have been fortunate to have been interviewed by several parenting experts. In the video's below I share some of my insights about how as parents we can help shape a more growth oriented mindset in our children. 


Confident Child Summit

Renee Jain is the convener of the Confident Child Summits. Each year she brings together experts in family, parenting and how to raise confident children. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to share my expertise on Growth Mindset, the Mindset Continuum and all things growth as part of the 2020 summit. 

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The Power of Purposeful Parenting

In this interview Kristin Bednarz interviews me for The Power of PurposefuL Parenting Online Summit.

We discuss Growth Mindset, effort, labels and how to "nudge" ourselves to create more growth oriented messages for our children. Watch to the end to hear an important message about backstories and Picasso!

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Building Confident Kids Summit

Heather Davis interviews me for the Building Confident Kids Summit. 

We talk about the misunderstandings about Growth Mindsets and how "Not Yet" has been misinterpreted in social media. Heather and I discuss how a Growth Mindset is not the growth, it's just the understanding that growth is possible.

I introduce my Mindset Continuum and give some suggestions about how to help move our children along the Mindset Continuum and help them develop an increasingly growth-oriented mindset. 

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