James Anderson CSP


Raising the status of learning
from an act to an art.

We don't have a teaching problem in our schools. We have a learning problem.

Today, we understand quality teaching better than ever. We have skilful teachers doing a great job in our classrooms. But when we have quality teaching and are still not achieving the results we’re looking for, it’s a sign that we don’t have a teaching problem. What we have is a learning problem.

Ultimately, learning is not the product of teaching, it’s the product of the activity of learners. Too many of our students are passive learners who avoid challenges, fail to act on feedback, or who waste effort instead of investing in it. To prepare students to not only succeed in school but also to have the agency they need to succeed in life, we must lead them to become skilful learners.

In my fifth book, I unveil the concept of ‘Learnership’, which transforms learning from an act to an art. Within these pages you will learn how to

  • evaluate the current level of Learnership in your school using the Learnership Diagnostic tool
  • foster a culture of growth that sets students up for success in both school and life
  • apply the Mindset Continuum to nurture a growth mindset in your students
  • harness deep insights into the pivotal role of challenges, Habits of Mind, mistakes, feedback and effort in cultivating Learnership
  • develop more skilful learners in your classroom
  • get your teachers on board and skilled in developing Learnership
  • drive a Learnership program in your school.
  • If you are ready to show your learners how to get more out of every learning situation and get better at getting better, it’s time to embrace Learnership

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Praise for Learnership

John Hattie

Melbourne Laureate Professor Emeritus

I have looked long and hard for a great book on how to include the teaching of learning strategies in the classroom – and finally found it.  Anderson uses the latest research coupled with a deep classroom understanding of merging thinking and learning WITH the curriculum to empower teachers and students with the optimal strategies for success.

Jay McTigh

Jay McTighe,
Educational author and consultant
Co-author of the Understanding by DesignŽ framework

Veteran educator, James Anderson, makes the case for cultivating student agency and empowering life-long learners. His thought-provoking book offers not only an optimistic and inspiring vision of possibilities but provides leaders with a detailed manual for transforming their schools to embrace a culture of learnership.” 

Art Costa and Bena Kallick

Co-Founders of Institute for Habits of Mind

James Anderson puts students at the center of learning by providing greater clarity and precision about defining how learning evolves from beginning to becoming self-directed as efficacious thinkers. This book illuminates and weaves together skills, attitudes, mindsets, and dispositions all learners need to become more powerfully capable of addressing the complexities and challenges of a rapidly changing world.  

Lee Crockett

Speaker, mentor and author of several books, including Agents to Agency: A Measurable Process for Cultivating Self-Directed Learner Agency, Future-Focused Learning and Mindful Assessment. 

In 'Learnership,' James masterfully invites us to reimagine our approach to education, placing the learner's journey at the forefront. As we navigate the shift from a teacher-centric to a learner-centric paradigm, 'Learnership' stands as an indispensable compass, guiding us with clarity and vision. It is a testament to the transformative power of placing learners' needs at the core and a gateway to enlightenment in the art of learning.

Mick Walsh

Best Selling Resilience & Wellbeing Author & Speaker

Learnership is to the art of high quality learning, what “Visible Learning” by John Hattie is to the art of high quality teaching. His new book, “Learnership”, disrupts the systemic view that teaching makes the difference, clearly and purposefully articulating that developing our students as independent and agile learners, gives them high agency in their worlds to continually create their abilities. James shares that it all starts with cultivating growth orientated mindsets in learners to believe that through unlocking challenges using the intelligent thinking behaviours of Habits of Mind, that they can build pathways to keep improving their current best abilities to enable them to move onto more difficult challenges; as he so aptly calls it, “getting better at getting better.” In “Learnership”, we have the roadmap to create the high quality learners, who can now focus their efforts on making the most of the relentless pursuit of high quality teaching over the last 10 to 15 years. James has now effectively completed the learning equation for us: Growth = High Quality Learning + High Quality Teaching.

Kath Murdoch

International consultant, educator and author of ’The Power of Inquiry’ and ‘Getting Personal with Inquiry Learning

Around the world, there is growing recognition of the schools being places that not only meet the demands of a curriculum but also equip young people with the skills and dispositions they need to tackle learning beyond the curriculum. Every educator, regardless of the age group with whom they work, their role or subject area,  has the opportunity. - indeed, I would suggest an obligation,  to help students learn how to learn.  In this insightful and practical book, James Anderson challenges us to shift our focus and consider, much more thoughtfully, what it means to be an agent, empowered learner.  The structure of the book lends itself beautifully to methodical, collaborative professional reading and dialogue,  making it a perfect text for staff across a school to share and discuss. Too many young people (and indeed their teachers) assume learning is something that is done to them at school - rather than by them. This book has the potential to change that misconception and help nurture the kind of agile, creative, competent and confident learners the world so desperately needs. 

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