School Based Partnership

Work directly with James Anderson as he delivers a powerful, engaging and inspiring onsite workshop with your team. 

Tailor the learning outcomes to meet your specific needs and context.

Do away with "hit and run" professional learning. James provides ongoing support, access to online resources and unlimited mentoring for your leadership team.

To ensure James can meet high standards of support, only a limited number of school based partnerships are available each year. 

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Onsite Professional Learning


Onsite whole school professional learning gives your an opportunity to bring your staff together for a shared experience, hearing the same message and getting everyone on the same page. 

As a certified speaking professional my full day workshops are engaging, entertaining and inspiring. Guaranteed to have your staff, laughing, thinking and learning together.

But the key to these professional days is that they aren't simply inspirational. They need to be transformational too. And that only happens with ongoing support that comes with a partnership.

Each year I work with a limited number of schools to not only provide face-to-face professional learning, but also to enter into an ongoing relationship that includes coaching, mentoring and the development of a tailored professional learning program for your school. 

Drawing on my work with Growth Mindset, Learner Agency, Habits of Mind and The Learning Landscape we'll work together to ensure we effect real change in teacher practice and improved student learning outcomes.

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Use the link below to schedule a time to discuss your goals and see how a partnership will help you meet your professional learning goals. 

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