Succeeding with Habits of Mind

A Mentored Whole-School Approach. 


This package is your key to succeeding with your whole-school approach to the Habits of Mind.

It is ideal if you want:

  • A whole-school approach to professional learning
  • To get all staff on the same page with the Habits of Mind
  • James Anderson guiding and supporting your work
  • An ongoing professional learning plan for all staff
  • Unlimited access to the Succeeding with Habits of Mind online course for all staff
  • To draw on school experts who have successfully implemented the Habits of Mind
  • Future staff added to the online course as part of your school’s induction program
  • To save money on individual workshop fees and replacement teacher costs

Special Features of the Mentored Whole-School
Professional Learning Package

Habits of Mind
Profile Tool

Measure your progress and plan your growth with a licence to use the Habits of Mind Profile tool with all staff and students

Interviews with Habits of Mind School Leaders

8 hours of recorded interviews with school leaders who have successfully implemented the Habits of Mind in their schools

Advice from the

8 hours of presentations with Art Costa, Bena Kallick, James Anderson and other experts, who share their insights into how to succeed with the Habits

Professional Learning Activities

Professional learning activities for you to run with your staff as they develop their understanding and application of the Habits of Mind

Are you ready to get started with your whole school approach to Habits of Mind? 

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How does the Leading Learning Academy work?

Nominate a small team of teachers to lead your school’s journey with the Habits of Mind.

Your lead team works with James Anderson to develop a 12-month professional learning and implementation plan tailored to your school’s needs and context.

James Anderson provides your team with unlimited support via email, phone and Zoom to respond to questions and assist with implementation.

You have access to purpose-built learning activities and resources to run as part of your onsite professional learning.

Connect with other schools engaged in the Mentored Whole-School Professional Learning Package to share ideas, resources and experiences


This partnership with James Anderson makes you eligible for:

  • Discounted access to all of James Anderson’s Mentored Whole-School Professional Learning programs
  • Priority access to face-to-face workshops and onsite professional learning
  • Priority booking for parent information sessions (live and virtual)
  • 15% discount on all book and poster purchases

Want to talk about it? 

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