10 Lessons for Succeeding With Growth Mindsets in Real Schools

So you've read the research. You understand about the fixed and growth mindsets. But translating the research into real school change, in real schools isn't so easy!

In this course you'll discover 10 essential lessons for succeeding with Growth Mindsets in the real life context of your school.

These lessons include:

• Growth Mindsets are not Growth
• Understanding V's Belief
• The Importance of the Back Story (Plus BONUS 5 Truths about Talent)
• Redefining Potential in light of brain placticity
• Understanding the world from the fixed mindset perspctive
• Teachers Mindsets Matter Most!
• Mindsets need nurturing
• Robust and Enduring Mindsets
• motivation V's Motivation
• A Multifacited Approach

Taken together, these 10 lessons will help ensure you're on the path to deeply embedding and succeeding with Growth Mindsets in your school.


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