Succeeding with Habits of Mind in your Classroom

James Anderson
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Succeed with Habits of Mind

Discover the key understandings you’ll need in order to succeed with Habits of Mind in your classroom.

With more than 20 years experience working with the Habits of Mind, both in my own classroom as an international affiliate director for Art Costa and Bena Kallick’s Insitute for Habits of Mind, I know what works – and I know what doesn’t. This workshop cuts through the noise to give you the tools you need to make profound changes to the learning outcomes of your students.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies and activities that introduce students to the Habits of Mind.
  • How to make the important shift from “using” the Habits of Mind to “improving” students’ Habits of Mind.
  • The truth about how Habits of Mind improve learning outcomes
  • How to develop rubrics to assess the growth of the Habits of Mind.
  • Where the Habits “fit” in the curriculum.
  • How to make the Habits of Mind learning outcomes rather than learning tools.
  • How to shape your curriculum and pedagogy to develop increasingly powerful Habits of Mind.
  • How the Habits of Mind help students get out of the Learning Pit.
  • How the Habits ensure students’ ability to engage in Effective Effort.
  • The key lessons for a whole-school approach to the Habits of Mind.
  • Much more …


Do you want to take a whole-school approach to the Habits of Mind?

Schools that send teams of three or more teachers to this workshop will receive FREE access to the Habits of Mind Expo Video Library.

Learn directly from Art Costa, Bena Kallick and schools that are recognized as Habits of Mind Learning Communities of Excellence. Filmed during the Habits of Mind Expo two years ago, these giants of the Habits of Mind community share their first-hand wisdom about what it takes to deeply embed and sustain this work across school communities. This critical resource includes eight hours of video interviews with some of the most experienced Habits of Mind leaders in the world!

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