The Agile Learner

A Growth Mindset is the understanding that we can change our most basic characteristics such as our talents and abilities. But achieving that Growth,
requires more than simply the right mindset, it requires the right actions.

In The Agile Learner, you'll discover how to change your students' mindsets by moving them along the Mindset Continuum. Importantly, you'll learn how to engage students in the processes and behaviours that achieve growth and the development of new talents.

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"The Agile Learner synthesizes three important theories of learning: Dweck's work on Mindsets, Ericsson's work on developing highly skilled performances, and our work on Habits of Mind. Anderson weaves these three together to create a rich tapestry of possibilities for opening the power and potential for all of our students as we do away with the myths that limit learners and open the door for unlimited learning. This book would be a terrific book study for groups of teachers as they examine the theories and examples in the book and reflect on their practice."

Art Costa and Bena Kallick
Founders of the Habits of Mind

"Jamesโ€™ new book is an absolute gift to educators looking to understand and utilise the powerful principles of Growth Mindset approaches. The book provides guidance and clarity, while avoiding the hype that has come about by the oft-times uninformed marketing of 'Growth Mindset' in the form of superficial training sessions, books and the indiscriminate coining of mindset sayings in conferences and social media."

Alex Delaforce
Head of Teaching & Learning Processes at Coomera College

About The Agile Learner

The Agile Learner combines three powerful ideas: Growth Mindset, Habits of Mind and Virtuous Practice. It shows teachers not only how to create the Growth Mindset, but also how to translate that Mindset into actual growth in their student’s abilities.

In The Agile Learner you will:

  • Go beyond social media hype to a deep understanding of Mindsets
  • Stop treating the symptoms of a Fixed Mindset, and learn how to address the underlying causes
  • Explore the Mindset Continuum, and it’s importance to making practical changes to students mindset
  • Create powerful Mindset Movers that will shift students mindsets
  • Examine the subtle but powerful influence a teacher’s Mindset has on students
  • Learn how to translate a Growth Mindset into actual growth
  • Discover the Four Rules about Talent and learn how to apply them in your classroom
  • Develop Learning Power in students with Habits of Mind
  • Learn why not all sorts of practice work, and how to encourage Virtuous Practice
  • Help students grow by showing them how to engage in Effective Effort
  • Much more…

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