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Putting the growth back into Growth Mindset

James is passionate about supporting schools and teachers to enable students to thrive in a rapidly changing, increasingly complex world.

The foundation of James’s work is the Growth Mindset. James takes teachers beyond simple social media catchphrases to create a teaching framework that develops robust and enduring Growth Mindsets in the classroom. By challenging teachers’ own Mindsets, he equips them to nurture Growth Mindsets in their students.

James skillfully unites the Habits of Mind, Anders Ericsson’s critical work on practice and Carol Dweck’s work on Growth Mindset. In doing so, he creates a powerful combination that increases student efficacy and achieves greater learning outcomes through the development of Learning Agility.

James is a Certified Speaking Professional, and author of The Agile Learner, Succeeding with Habits of Mind and numerous eBooks.



The Growth Mindset Teacher

Carol Dweck has recently called for a more nuanced understanding of Mindsets, to combat the common misinterpretations and misapplications of her work that pervade social media.

In this insightful keynote, James will take your audience inside Dweck’s work to address many of the common misunderstandings.  James will draw on recent research in the area of Acquisition of Excellence to talk about how we combine, Beliefs, Actions and Process to build Learning Power, Potential and Efficacy.

James will speak about:

  • Going beyond the Fixed / Growth dichotomy to develop an understanding most people have a mindset somewhere between these two extremes – and that working with Mindsets is more than a “one size fits all” initiative.
  • The worldview that leads to different Mindsets, including misunderstandings of how we acquire our talents and abilities.
  • The False Mindset, and how we can identify and combat it in our classrooms.
  • How to effectively praise effort to create a more growth-oriented mindset.

At the end of this keynote your audience will have the deeper and more nuanced understanding of Growth Mindsets Carol Dweck has called for.  They will see the bigger picture of what we need to develop the type of learners that are capable of achieving greater growth and be better equipped to approach this initiative in their classrooms. 

The Agile Learner

A Growth Mindset is the understanding that you can grow your talents, abilities and intelligence.  Learning Agility gives you the capacity to achieve that growth!

This keynote introduces the powerful concept of the Agile Learner; someone who understands that their Growth Mindset is simply an invitation to grow; and that to translate their Mindset into growth and increase their abilities, they develop powerful Habits of Mind and engage in Virtuous Practice.

James will speak about:

  • How we can ensure students develop a more Growth-Oriented mindset by infusing positive Mindset Movers.
  • Combating social media myths about Mindsets.
  • The Learning Pit, a powerful metaphor for the learning process that gives students and teachers a common language to discuss performance, growth and effort.
  • How the Habits of Mind remain relevant and integrate with Growth Mindsets and Virtuous Practice to create Learning Agility.

At the end of this keynote, your audience will have a clear picture of the processes and behaviours that not only develop a Growth Mindset, but define the actions required to achieve growth.

Mindset Movers

In his compelling new work on Mindset Movers, James takes a practical look at how beliefs, actions and experiences interact to change students' Mindsets. James will demonstrate how we can use this understanding to maximise the impact of the Growth Mindset initiatives in our schools. 

Throughout this keynote, James challenges the audience think differently about how they view their students’ abilities, performance and how they approach and assess this in their schools every day.

James will speak about:

  • Moving beyond social media to develop an up-to-date, deeper understanding of Carol Dweck’s important work.
  • The Mindset Continuum, and the pedagogical tools that can shift people along the continuum towards a Growth-oriented Mindset.
  • The common myths about talent, introducing the Five Truths about Talent.
  • Assessment strategies that focus on the learning process and student growth.
  • The concept of Motivation Calibration, and about how it can be an excellent indicator of student performance.
  • Improving how we praise effort.

At the end of this keynote, your audience will have a fresh perspective on Growth Mindset.  They will be compelled to reflect on their own practice, through a new understanding of how they can make an enduring, hands-on difference to student growth and performance.

Succeeding with Habits of Mind

With more than 20 years’ experience working with the Habits of Mind, both in his own classroom and as an international affiliate director for the Institute for Habits of Mind, James know what works – and what doesn’t.

In this keynote, James cuts through the noise to explore you the tools we need to make profound changes to the learning outcomes of our students.

James will speak about:

  • Strategies and activities that introduce students to the Habits of Mind.
  • The need to make the important shift from “using” the Habits of Mind to “improving” students’ Habits of Mind.
  • Getting real about how Habits of Mind improve learning outcomes
  • Where the Habits “fit” in the curriculum.
  • The key lessons for a successful whole-school approach to the Habits of Mind.

At the end of this keynote, your audience will have a clear understanding of how the Habits of Mind are bigger than an initiative, and in fact need to become an integral part of school culture and daily life.

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With more than 20 years experience in delivering keynotes, and a reputation as a top expert in Growth Mindsets, Habits of Mind and Learning Agility, James can create a compelling keynote that will inspire your audience.

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