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James' latest book, Learnership - how to raise the status of learning from an act to an art in your school, is now available. 

In Learnership James unpacks the skill of learning. He shows you how to nurture a Growth Mindset and improve learning so students develop Agency to succeed at school and thrive in life. 

School Leaders will discover how to create a school culture based on learning and growth. A culture that focuses on more than learning, and instead creates powerful, skilful learners. 

Audio Book. Ebook. Available through all major retailers internationally. 

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Inspire. Engage. Transform.

Energise your audience with a keynote that challenges them to think differently about Mindsets. 

As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Virtual Presenter (CVP) James engages his audiences and achieves extraordinary outcomes both virtually and on stage.

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The Mindset Continuum

The Mindset Continuum(TM) allows us to reset our expectations about changing mindsets and create interventions that work! Avoid the pitfall of the False Mindset by recognising that a Growth Mindset is not a declaration. It's a journey. A journey takes place gradually through experiencing many small positive mindset movers.

James Anderson is the creator of the Mindset Continuum, and can show you how to implement strategies in your school, home or workplace that help create more growth-oriented mindsets in those we lead.

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Perhaps the most important skill anyone can develop is the skill of learning. Developing Learnership is about getting better, and getting better. It allows us to get more out of every learning situation. 

James Anderson's Learnership Matrix identifies six different types of learners. He then shows you how to guide the development of Learnership, accelerate learning, and in the process get your time and energy back as students take  charge of the learning process.  

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Previous Books

Find out more about my previous publications including:

  • The Mindset Continuum (available as a free ebook)
  • The Learning Landscape
  • The Agile Learner
  • Succeeding with¬†Habits of Mind

as well as other resources I share. 


Habits of Mind

 James is an expert who leads schools to successfully embed the Habits of Mind into their learning culture. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience he shows you how to shift form teaching about to teaching for the Habits of Mind. He focuses on embedding the Habits into classroom practice in a way that shifts students from using to improving their Habits of Mind.

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