Raising the status of learning from an act, to an art.

The Learner Festival was a live event run in 2022. It captured key elements Learnership - the skill of learning.

It explored the role of Mindset on learner motivation and how schools can use an understanding of the Mindset Continuum to nurture a more growth oriented mindset in learners. And it shows how to shift the meaning of assessment to create more growth oriented mindsets.

It demonstrated the importance of understanding the Learning Zone, and becoming uncomfortably comfortable with challenge. It shows learners how to value effort as the pathway to growth. It challenges the  many myths and misunderstandings about mistakes, introducing you to six different types of mistakes (only three of which contribute to learning!).  

You now have the opportunity to access ALL recordings from the Learner Festival for your own professional learning! 

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Explore each event, and the essential questions that are addressed, by clicking through below. 

Each event has been carefully edited into short 5 to 10 minute segments, so you can jump directly to what you're looking for. It also includes all the downloads, resource and links to supporting material. This is a real treasure trove for the teacher wanting to understand what it means to develop skilful learners, and ensure students are holding up their side of the teaching and learning equation. 


Teach your students to be skilful learners

Learnership is the skill of learning. It is an improvement in the ability to learn, and results in the learner gaining more from every learning opportunity.

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Un-motivated or de-motivated?

How to Motivate the Stubbornly Disengaged Learner

Whether you’re wanting to engage students in a new topic, encourage them to push themselves towards higher standards, or trying to get them to simply engage with learning in the first place, then this webinar is for you!

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The Learning Zone

Embracing challenge as the pathway to growth!

The Learning Zone is that stretch just beyond our current best where we start being challenged. It’s where we stop getting busy and start getting better!

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Effective Effort

Help students understand, value, and engage in effective effort.

Effective Effort – the art of investing your time and energy in growth – will change the way you and your students think about effort. Whether you’d like your students to want to work harder, get more out their lessons, achieve their goals, or get better results, this powerful webinar is made for you!

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What we’ve been getting wrong about mistakes, and how to get it right!

You might remember a time when mistakes were bad. We were told not to make mistakes. Red crosses appeared on pages next to our mistakes. And that was reasonable enough. Mistakes can have serious consequences.

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Assessing for Growth and Progress

Changing the unspoken messages behind assessment.

Assessment is an integral part of education. But many of our assessment strategies and techniques have unintended and undesirable consequences. They can label and judge students, and that can contribute to the development of Fixed Mindsets.

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