Learnership is the skill of learning. It is an improvement in the ability to learn, and results in the learner gaining more from every learning opportunity.

Whether you want to accelerate learning outcomes, engage the passive learners in your classroom, have students take more risks in their learning, develop more self-directed and independent learners, or just get over the feeling that you’re dragging students through the learning process, then this workshop is for you!

After a decade of focusing on what skilful teachers do in a classroom, it’s time to focus on what skilful learners do in a classroom! It’s time to recognise that improving learning outcomes is not the sole responsibility of the teacher. Students must do more than participate in learning. They must become better learners! It’s time that teachers stopped working harder than their students, and for the cognitive load of learning to be shared more evenly between teacher and student. 

This webinar is the road map for educators who want to guide students to become more skilful learners. It shifts the idea of learning from something you do, to something you do well. It describes what skilful learning looks like, and gives you the key steps to developing skilful learners in your classroom. It is your path to helping students get better, and keep on getting better. 

In this webinar you’ll find:

  • A description of skilful learning as we unpack the Learnership Matrix
  • How to help your students begin the journey towards becoming more skilful learners
  • Critical steps in guiding students towards embracing challenges
  • Practical strategies to teach students to take control of, and tailor, feedback
  • An introduction to taking a whole school approach to developing Learnership.
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