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With over 25 years of experience working with Habits of Mind, I'll show you exactly how to successfully implement and sustain your work with Habits of Mind in your school.  

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What you need to know before you get started

The Habits of Mind are a powerful tool, but implementing them successfully can be tricky. To get you started I've put together this short guide. In it, I walk you through some of the key understandings you need to know, before you get started.

This guide sets you on the right path, teaching you key ideas and showing you how to avoid common missteps. The perfect way to start, before you get started!  

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Teacher Professional Learning 

My teacher workshops are tailored to fit your school context. I carefully guide and challenge teachers to go beyond teaching about the Habits of Mind, and to instead teach for the development of the Habits of Mind. 

Delivered online or face to face my Habits of Mind workshops are guaranteed to be practical, inspiring and empowering.  

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Resources. Resources. Resources. 

Want classroom and professional learning resources? You name it, I've probably got it! 

After so many years working with the Habits of Mind I've collected pretty much all the resources you'll want to successfully implement Habits of Mind in the classroom. My Habits of Mind Care Package that I provide to schools I work with has Habits of Mind Posters, stickers, professional readings, case studies, lesson plans and much, much more. 

The Habits of Mind Learner Profile 

I have designed the Habits of Mind Learner Profile to be a unique and powerful tool for both assessing and guiding the development of student's Habits of Mind. 

The Learner profile leverages the relationship between challenge and growth to guide students into their Learning Zone, equiping them to succeed, and helping them cultivate their Habits of Mind. 

Used on a school wide level, the Learner profile can be used for reporting  the development of students Habits of Mind to parents, and to focus learning conversations on the how of learning. 

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Massive Video Library

Over the years I've collected an enormous video library related to Habits of Mind. These include descriptions of each of the 16 Habits of Mind,  school leaders telling their stories of implementing Habits of Mind, interviews with Art Costa and many more. 

This short video, is one example from a series where you can watch Art Costa define each of the Habits of Mind, the research supporting them, how they fit with other initiatives and much more. 

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Art Costa reflecting on James' work with the 16 Habits of Mind.

A Lasting Contribution


The 16 Habits of Mind were my first passion in education. They put me on the path to describing The Agile Learner and defining Learnership. They continue to significantly influence my work to this day - both personally and professionally.

I'm extremely grateful for the generous support I have received over the years from the creators of the 16 Habits of Mind, Art Costa and Bena Kallick, and feel privilege to have been able to contribute my small part to their important work. 

Ready to partner with me to bring the Habits of Mind to life in your school? 

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The 16 Habits of Mind are described by Art Costa and Bena Kallick. I use the 16 Habits of Mind, on this site and in my work, with permission.

I have had the privilege to work closely with Art, Bena and the Institute for Habits of Mind for over 20 years. My ideas have appeared in several of their publications, including Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind: 16 Characteristics for Success. 

For more information about the Habits of Mind, please visit The Institute for Habits of Mind.