The Habits of Mind Learner Profile 

Assessing and nurturing the development of powerful Habits of Mind

The Habits of Mind Learner Profile is a unique and powerful learning tool. Developed by James Anderson this tool will transform the way you assess and nurture the development of your student's Habits of Mind. 

The Learner Profile gives you a snap shot of your students Habits of Mind. It is a powerful tool for assessing the Habits of Mind, but it is so much more than that. It captures the unique relationship between challenge and the Habits of Mind  and uses it to drive growth and increase Learnership.

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Assessment for Learning


The Habits of Mind Learner Profile is a unique assessment tool that focuses on the how of learning. It provides a snap shot of your student's current level of development of their Habits of Mind and how they are applying them to challenges. The stunning visual report produced can be shared with parents and used to monitor growth. 

Driving Growth


The Habits of Mind Learner Profile is designed to guide students to develop their Habits of Mind. It is focused on growth and improvement.  The unique way it reports development against the Zones of Learning identifies when students are cruising, performing or growing, and tells students what they need to do to drive continuous growth

Creating  Conversations


The Habits of Mind Learner Profile stimulates rich  learning conversations focused on learning dispositions, challenge and growth. It gives teachers, students and parents a unique and powerful way to shift their conversations from what students are learning to how they are learning, and what they need to do to improve. 

Prepare for Challenge


The Habits of Mind Learner Profile shows students how to prepare for challenge and set up for success. By comparing a student's Learner Profile to a Problem Profile students are better prepared for challenges, can target areas of potential weakness and better equip themselves to achieve success at every learning situation. 

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Habits of Mind and Leanership

Learnership is the skill of learning. By developing Learnership we help students gain more out of every learning opportunity, and we increase the agency they have in the world. 

The Habits of Mind are one of the 5 essential elements of Learnership. They provide learners with a rich language for learning. One that is shared throughout a learning community with teachers, parents and peers. 

Moreover the Habits of Mind describe the dispositions students need to employ when they are in their Learning  Zone, helping them succeed at increasingly difficult problems.

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The 16 Habits of Mind were developed by Art Costa and Bena Kallick. They are used in the Habits of Mind Learner Profile with permission. 

For more information about the Habits of Mind please visit The Institute for Habits of Mind.