Effective Effort – the art of investing your time and energy in growth – will change the way you and your students think about effort. Whether you’d like your students to want to work harder, get more out their lessons, achieve their goals, or get better results, this powerful webinar is made for you!

Effective Effort is the missing link between effort and efficacy. It shifts our focus from “how much” time and energy students spend on a task, to “how well” that time and energy is spent. It is the difference between doing more, and doing better, and it brings together students Learning Zone with the development of powerful Habits of Mind.

This webinar is a guide for teachers who want to go beyond “praise effort” and instead want their students to value effort as the currency of growth, and choose to invest that effort to achieve their goals.

In this webinar you’ll find:

  • the reasons so many students misunderstand effort, and what to do about it.
  • the pathway from wasting effort for no result, to spending effort to produce results, to investing effort to create growth
  • the keys to using The Effective Effort Matrix in your classroom
  • why it takes a lot of effort, to make something look effortless
  • why “praise effort” has backfired, and how to focus your praise more effectively
  • the critical role of effort in “Motivation Calibration” in achieving any goal.
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