Whether you’re wanting to engage students in a new topic, encourage them to push themselves towards higher standards, or trying to get them to simply engage with learning in the first place, then this webinar is for you!

The difference between the un-motivated learner and the de-motivated learner is the difference between a student who says, “I don’t want to” and one who says (to themselves), “I don’t think I can”. Your best efforts to make learning relevant, engaging, and rewarding will never work a student who is de-motivated. Understanding the difference between being un-motivated and de-motivated gives you a pathway to effectively engage those stubbornly disengaged students in your classroom. 

This webinar is the key teachers have been searching for to re-engage those reluctant learners. To get through to the students who simply don’t want to try. To reach the students that avoid learning. 


In this webinar you’ll find:

  • the real reasons these students aren’t engaged in learning (and it’s got nothing to do with a lack of interest, or how entertaining you are!).
  • how a student’s mindset influences their motivation.
  • practical strategies to gradually re-engage these students with learning (there are no quick fixes).
  • the tools you’ll use for the rest of your career to motivate de-motivated learners.

In this webinar, I hope to give you strategies that will subtly change what you do in every classroom, every day, with every learner. The result will be students more willing to engage with learning.

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