The Learning Landscape Workshop

From Effort to Agency in the Learning Landscape

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The Learning Landscape

Learn how to develop Learner Agency using the powerful metaphor of the Learning Landscape.

In The Learning Landscape, James Anderson outlines a powerful metaphor for visualising learning. By mapping the abstract concept of learning onto a physical journey in the real world, the learning process is made tangible and accessible to learners.

Discover the importance of setting appropriate challenges using the four Challenge Pits. Prepare your learners to climb the highest peaks of expertise by filling their backpacks with Habits of Mind. Along the way, use the Mindset Continuum to help students develop a more growth-oriented mindset.

The Learning Landscape gives teachers and learners a concrete, practical way to talk about the learning process, and helps students become better learners!

Shift your focus away from conversations about “effort”. Focus instead on helping students develop learner agency!

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the Learning Landscape, including the six Learner Types traversing the landscape and the four Challenge Pits they climb through.

  • Understand how Learner Agency can be interpreted as the Learners’ ability to move through the Learning Landscape.

  • Learn how the way leaners engage in different types of Challenge Pits is central to becoming a better learner.

  • Examine existing and new assessment models that will shift the focus from effort to Learner Agency.

  • Get practical by roleplaying classroom scenarios to support the implementation of your learning in your classroom.

  • Return to school with practical, tangible solutions and pedagogy that will start creating better learners.


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