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James Anderson
Certified Speaking Professional

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The Growth Mindset Toolkit

Get 50+ practical classroom strategies that will create real change in your students’ Mindsets

The term Growth Mindset has become a bit of a “buzzword”. It’s everywhere: on social media, on our classroom walls. It’s the latest classroom initiative. 

Many teachers are asking, “Is it worth it?”  “Does it make a difference?”

Yes, it does – but  we  need to move beyond simply believing in growth to learning how to achieve that growth.

 I’ve found that teachers can create real positive change with Growth Mindsets. The key is to understand that a Growth Mindset is just an invitation to grow. We also must teach our students how to grow. To do that, we need to move away from social media catchphrases, nurturing students’ Mindsets and teach them the actions they need to take to achieve real growth.

How do we do that? 

 We become teachers with the skills to make a real difference to students’ Mindsets, growth and learning outcomes. We become Mindset Movers.


Becoming a Mindset Mover is like being a multiplier for Learner Agency. 
It helps students become better learners, quicker.


 In this workshop, I will show you how you can become a Mindset Mover in your classroom. 

I have developed a toolkit of over 50 practical strategies that will help you not only move your students towards a Growth Mindset, but also show them how to turn that Mindset into real growth and improved outcomes. These are strategies you can integrate into your daily practice without adding to your workload.   

You will get tangible takeaways to support you in this work immediately, including: 

  • A deeper understanding of Mindsets, backed by research and supported by resources.
  • A toolkit of 50+ practical strategies that will nurture and move students’ Mindsets.
  • Visual models and resources for reference and ongoing learning.
  • The Growth Mindset Style Guide, to support you in using Growth Mindset-oriented language in your reports, assessments and more.

Learn how you can make a positive difference to your students and see real success with Growth Mindsets.

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Do you need registered PD in NSW or the ACT? 

The Growth Mindset Toolkit will meet your PD requirements!

This workshop is accredited by NESA and TQI.

The Growth Mindset Toolkit will contribute 6 hours of  Registered PD addressing 5.1.2, 6.6.6 and 6.3.2 from the Australian Professional Standards. 

In NSW these PD hours will go towards teachers maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation.

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