The Growth Mindset Teacher - online course!

Go beyond the social media hype, explore the mindset continuum and develop a deep understanding of the pedagogies that nurture Growth Mindsets in your students.


The Growth Mindset Teacher will contribute 8 hours and 30 minutes of NESA Registered PD addressing 5.1.2, 6.6.6 and 6.3.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

What You Will Learn

The Growth Mindset Teacher online course gives you the deep understandings and practical tools you need to become a Growth Mindset teacher. Go beyond the social media hype, explore the Mindset Continuum and develop a rich set of pedagogical strategies that will develop robust and enduring Growth Mindsets in your students.

Over 12 weeks you will:

Explore the concept of the "Greatness Gap" as a key factor in the development of the Fixed Mindset and learn to identify and correct this misconception in your classroom.

Unpack the "5 Truths about Talent" and discover why the misunderstanding of these truths leads to the Fixed Mindset and how to teach so students develop an accurate understanding of these truths. 

Recognise that a Growth Mindset is just the invitation to grow, not the growth itself. Learn how to put the growth, back into Growth Mindset.

Go beyond "Praise Mistakes" and develop strategies that recognise and value the actions students take to correct mistakes.

Uncover the critical negative impact of the False Mindset and learn how to avoid it.

Delve into the Mindset Continuum and learn how to create powerful positive mindset movers through your classroom practice. 

Learn why “Praise Effort” has been misunderstood, why we need to focus on Effective Effort and, most importantly, how to get your students to engage in Effective Effort. 

Discover how a Growth Mindset is foundational to student success but why it is Learning Agility that will allow students to thrive in the 21st century.

Much more...

This online course contains more than 50 short (3–15 minute) video lessons recorded from my live workshops. Each lesson encapsulates a key idea and is supported by additional resources, readings and activities.

Don’t miss a thing! Recorded live across several of my international workshops, this course captures everything you would learn from a full-day workshop plus more!

What's in the course?

With over 50 video lessons, ranging from 2 - 20 minutes in length, there's a lot to learn in this 12-week course!

The course is carefully designed to guide you in becoming a Growth Mindset Teacher.

Each lesson contains a video, further readings, additional resources and more.

This NESA-accredited course incorporates online discussions and two short assessments for you to demonstrate what you have learned and gain your accredited PD hours.

Sample lesson videos can be found below.

Download the Course Outline

Sample Lesson Video: About Mindsets

The first video in the "About Mindsets" section of the course describes the key difference between the fixed and growth mindset, explains why we need to recognise mindsets as underlying beliefs and the actions as symptoms of those beliefs. It also introduces the key difference between a fixed and growth mindset: Choice.


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Sample Lesson Video: Race Cars and Driving Skills

Drawn from the "Five Truths about Talent" section of the course, this lesson introduces a powerful analogy for how we develop talents and abilities.


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Sample Lesson Video: What Success with Growth Mindsets Really Looks Like

This important lesson is drawn from the "Changing Mindsets" section of the course. It highlights the fact that we set ourselves and our colleagues up for failure if we expect our work to instantly result in students "having" a Growth Mindset. To do this work successfully we need to recognise Mindset as a continuum and our role in moving students towards a more growth oriented mindset.


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Sample Lesson Video: Pedagogy for the Growth Mindset Teacher

This short lesson highlights the fact that once you learn to "think like a Growth Mindset teacher" the pedagogies for nurturing student's Growth Mindsets become more obvious - and sometimes counter to what social media might suggest.


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Access The Growth Mindset Teacher as an individual, part of a learning team, or as a whole school!



Work at your own pace

Mentored by James Anderson throughout

Over 50 video lessons

Dozens of additional resources, readings and extension materials

10 weeks access to all lessons

Online discussions

Two short assessments

Certificate of Completion

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Per Person

Discounted price for teams of 3 or more.

Work at your own pace

Over 50 video lessons

Dozens of additional resources, readings and extension materials

Mentored by James Anderson throughout

10 weeks access to all lessons

Online discussions

Two short assessments

Certificate of Completion

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Leading The Growth Mindset Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You have 12-weeks to complete the course at your own pace.  All the video lessons are pre recorded, so you can access them anytime during the course.

For the NESA course, yes. There are two assignments at the end of the course which NESA require to certify your PD hours. The course is not accredited by any universities. It is designed for your own professional learning. 

Each lesson includes the facility to ask questions, pose reflections or engage in discussion with others who are completing the course. Additionally James Anderson monitors all discussions and regularly responds to questions from participants. 

Yes, discounts are available for team registrations of three or more. There is also an extensive whole school package available. Contact James Anderson to find out more.

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