School-Based Consultancy

Inspiring and engaging professional learning for your whole school

James Anderson
Certified Speaking Professional

James offers school-based consultancy throughout Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia.

James’s professional learning sessions can be tailored to the specific needs of your school, focusing on one or more of the following areas: 

  • Growth Mindset and the Mindset Continuum
  • Learning Agility
  • Habits of Mind
  • Building Learner Agency
  • The Learning Landscape

Engage and inspire your teachers

James is one of Australia's most sought-after speakers. He delivers professional learning that engages and inspires teachers. He provides the practical tools teachers need to make an enduring difference to their practice and improve the learning outcomes of their students.

Support your leadership

As a school leader, James provides you with the ongoing support and resources you'll need. He partners with you to ensure your professional learning day is not only inspirational but transformational.

Partnership approach

When you engage James to provide professional learning, you get more than just a one-day workshop. James works in partnership with you to sustain long-term change in your school.

James is a Certified Speaking Professional and regularly speaks at conferences around the world. 

Inspire your teachers.

Create lasting change.

Book James to work with your school today.


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