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James Anderson
Certified Speaking Professional

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Discover the tools to nurture Growth Mindsets in your students.

Carol Dweck has recently called for a more nuanced understanding of Mindsets, to combat the common misinterpretations and misapplications of her work that pervade social media.

In this insightful workshop certified speaking professional  James Anderson will take you deep inside Dweck’s work. He will address many of the common misunderstandings, help you avoid the common pitfalls, and ensure you are equipped to move forward confidently and successfully in your classroom to develop increasingly growth-oriented mindsets in your students.

You will be taken beyond the Fixed / Growth dichotomy to develop an understanding of the reality experienced by most of our students that lies somewhere between these two extremes. These new insights help us explain why working with Mindsets is not a “one-size-fits-all”, but rather that we have to tailor our pedagogy to students at different points along the Mindset Continuum.

A core part of the workshop develops a deep understanding of the worldview that leads to different Mindsets. You will explore the concept of “Greatness Gap”. You’ll discover how a misunderstanding of the process that leads to the acquisition of talents and abilities, ultimately, pushes individuals towards a more fixed oriented mindset, and how to address this in your classroom.

You will learn about the False Mindset, and explore ways to identify and combat this in your school.

To counter the unfocused “Praise Effort” movement, we’ll unpack what we mean by Effective Effort. You’ll learn to distinguish Effective Effort from Low Effort, Performance Effort, and Ineffective Effort in order to develop a deep practical process for accurately and effectively praising effort for a more growth-oriented mindset.

James will show you how a Growth Mindset is foundational to student success, but how ultimately it is only the invitation to grow, not the growth itself. He will draw on recent research in the area of Acquisition of Excellence show you how we combine Beliefs, Actions and Process to build Learning Power, build Potential and build Efficacy. Only when combined do we develop the type of 21st Century Learners that are able to achieve greater growth in their abilities.

At the end of this one-day workshop you’ll come away with a deep understanding of what it means to “Think Like A Growth Mindset Teacher”. You’ll be equipped with a range of practical and powerful strategies to help you develop increasingly growth-oriented mindsets in your students. Importantly you’ll have developed the deep and nuanced understanding of this work that Carol Dweck is calling for, in order to move forward confidently in your classroom


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