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The Growth Mindset Teacher Online

The Growth Mindset Teacher is a 12-week online course that gives you the deep understandings and practical tools you need to become a Growth Mindset teacher. Go beyond the social media hype, explore the Mindset Continuum and develop a rich set of pedagogical strategies that will develop robust and enduring Growth Mindsets in your students.

You can complete the course at your own pace over twelve weeks.  There are no specific times you need to be online.  James Anderson is available to mentor and support you throughout the 12 weeks

The course incorporate more than 50 videos supported by dozens of additional resources, readings and extension materials.

This course is carefully designed to guide you in becoming a Growth Mindset Teacher.

Registrations are open now for the next course, which commences 18th November 2019 for 12 weeks.

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Transforming Teaching and Learning with Growth Mindsets

 Are you looking for an affordable and flexible professional learning option for your school?

Transforming Teaching and Learning with Growth Mindsets is your whole school solution to Growth Mindsets.



This package provides you with everything you need to lead your staff to become Growth Mindset teachers. This online resource and support suite includes a full video recording of my one-day Growth Mindset workshop, recorded live in South Africa and edited into easily digestible lessons.

It provides you with all the resources and assistance you’ll need to challenge teachers’ Mindsets, changes their pedagogy and improves student learning outcomes.

Access to the resources never expires.  For a single fee, your school will have all the resources you need to run ongoing professional learning in-house. 

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