One of the biggest misunderstandings about Mindsets is that there are just two: a Fixed and a Growth Mindset. In the real world of the classroom, it's important to recognise that students fall along the Mindset Continuum

To make an enduring difference to students’ Mindsets, teachers need to create Mindset Movers.

Mindset Movers are actions that move students along the Mindset Continuum. These include assessment practices, pedagogy and school structures that help to nurture a Growth Mindset in students. 

As Carol Dweck points out "A Growth Mindset is not a declaration. It's a journey". This journey takes place along the Mindset Continuum. 

Ultimately your success with Growth Mindset will not be measured by the number of students with Growth Mindsets. Rather, it will be measured by how far you move them along the Mindset Continuum. 


In this practical new workshop, I will give you the classroom and pedagogical tools that create powerful Mindsets Movers and help your students not only develop a more growth-oriented Mindset but also achieve more growth!  

  • Learn how beliefs, actions and experiences each contribute to change students’ Mindsets.
  • Learn dozens of practical strategies to create growth-oriented Mindsets using Mindset Movers. 
  • Dispel common myths about talent that lead to the development of a Fixed Mindset.
  • Explore Growth Mindset assessment strategies, which focus on the process of learning and student growth.

Join me to develop the tools that will make an
enduring difference to your students’ Mindsets,
and help them achieve the growth they are capable of!


One-day workshop

$325 + GST (Australia only)

10% off for teams of 3 or more

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Mindset Movers

Developing a Growth Mindset in your Students

A Growth Mindset is the belief that you can develop your most basic characteristics, such as talents and intelligence. But simply believing you can grow isn’t enough! You must learn how to achieve that growth. And this is where the role of the teacher is critical.

In this powerful and practical new workshop, James Anderson will show you how beliefs, actions and experiences interact to change students' Mindsets. He will also demonstrate how you can use this understanding to maximise the impact of the Growth Mindset initiatives in your school. 

 We will explore, then move beyond, social media misunderstandings about Mindsets, updating and extending psychologist Carol Dweck's important work.

 Dweck emphasises that “a Growth Mindset is not a declaration, it’s a journey” – a journey along a continuum. This workshop unpacks and explains the importance of the Mindset Continuum and shows you how to move students along the continuum using Mindset Movers. These pedagogical tools shift students (and teachers) along the Mindset Continuum towards an increasingly growth-oriented Mindset.

 Importantly, you will learn how to put the growth back into Growth Mindset. By combining and applying new insights into Growth Mindset, Habits of Mind and Practice, you can help create the new wave of Agile Learners. These are students who not only understand they are capable of growth but how to achieve that growth. They are increasingly responsive to change and thrive in the sort of challenging and disruptive world we expect the students of today will be living in tomorrow.

 Throughout the Mindset Movers workshop, you’ll be challenged to think differently about student abilities. You will:

  • Discover the “Five Truths about Talent”, as we dispel the common myths about talent that are perpetuated in schools and lead to the development of a Fixed Mindset.
  • Explore Growth Mindset assessment strategies, which focus on the process of learning and student growth.
  • Discover the importance of Motivation Calibration and why it’s a better indicator of student performance than a Growth Mindset alone.
  • Learn how teachers and parents have been approaching and praising effort the wrong way and how to focus on Effective Effort.
  • Gain clarity on your role in helping students become better learners.

And much more!

At the end of this workshop, you will have a fresh perspective on Growth Mindset and the tools to ensure you make an enduring difference to student growth and performance in your classroom.

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