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Growth Mindsets Masterclass

Supporting you to lead Growth Mindsets at your school.

Our last Singapore masterclass for 2019 has closed.  Stay tuned for our 2020 dates.

A Masterclass and partnership package that will ensure your school-wide implementation of Growth Mindsets is a success.

I am thrilled to return to Singapore in December with my Growth Mindsets Masterclass for school leaders.

I am passionate about supporting schools to help their students become better learners, achieve enhanced outcomes and be thoroughly prepared for this ever-changing world. I designed this Masterclass to provide your school with a complete package of professional learning, resources and support. By implementing this comprehensive and practical approach, you will achieve tangible improvements in your students’ Mindsets and learning outcomes.

This Masterclass is much more than a two-day workshop. It includes a complete suite of support and resources to ensure you successfully implement Growth Mindsets in your school.

The Masterclass package includes:

  • Enrolment in my two-day Masterclass for your Growth Mindset leadership team*.
  • A tailored toolkit and plan to guide your implementation of Growth Mindsets in your school.
  • Access to my online resources and workshop, “Transforming Teaching and Learning with Growth Mindsets”, which includes access to an online workshop for every teacher in your school.
  • Copies of my books, The Agile Learner and The Learning Landscape, as well as e-books, activities and resources to support your leadership team and your teachers.
  • An ongoing partnership with me to support your journey, including regular meetings to check in on your plan and keep it on track.*
  • Unlimited email and online support to ask questions whenever you need.
  • Access to quarterly webinars and regular newsletters as part of my Growth Mindset community.

*Teams are limited to a maximum of 6 attendees. Additional attendees can register for AU$300 per person. Meetings will be held online via web conference.

This Masterclass package offers incredible value.

Two-day leadership workshop - valued at AU$3,000. 

Online course and resources - valued at AU$3000

Printed resources - valued at AU$1500

Ongoing mentoring and support - valued at AU$5000

Total value - AU$13,500.

I am offering schools in Singapore and South East Asia access to my Masterclass for just AU$3,000 per school.

Work in partnership with me to
successfully implement your Growth Mindset strategy. 

Growth Mindsets Masterclass

2020 dates will be announced soon.

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Your Growth Mindset leadership team will receive comprehensive professional learning and support.

Face-to-face learning

My two-day Masterclass at SJI International in Singapore includes:

Key Growth Mindset lessons for leaders.

An exploration of my suite of Growth Mindset resources.

Development of a whole-school implementation plan.

Establishment of a partnership plan with me.

Online learning

Your entire school will get access to my online resources and workshop, “Transforming Teaching and Learning with Growth Mindsets”, which includes:

A video version of my full-day Growth Mindset workshop, broken into short video lessons.

Guidance for school leaders in using and implementing the video lessons.

Access for all teachers to view and complete the online workshop.

A digital library of resources, which is regularly updated to support your team.

Supportive readings and activities

The package incorporates a collection of supportive readings and activities, including: 

 A copy of my books, The Agile Learner and The Learning Landscape, for each member of your Growth Mindset leadership team.

A series of e-books to support your Growth Mindset journey.

More than 20 activities to run in your school as part of your implementation process.

Ongoing partnership

I am your partner in this journey, and I want you to succeed. We will establish a Partnership Agreement to give you the support and accountability you need to keep your implementation plan on track. This includes:

Regular meetings to check in on the progress of your implementation plan and the achievement of key milestones and goals.

Unlimited email and phone support.

Quarterly webinars and regular newsletters with the latest research and thinking on Mindsets.

Sample Lessons

The online resources include video lessons drawn from my full-day workshops. Each lesson is designed for your team to use as part of your whole-school professional learning.  The lessons also include suggested readings, learning activities, how to respond to common questions and more.

Sample Video Lesson: About Mindsets

The first video in the "About Mindsets" section describes the key difference between the fixed and growth mindset, explains why we need to recognise mindsets as underlying beliefs and the actions as symptoms of those beliefs. It also introduces the key difference between a fixed and growth mindset: Choice.


Sample Video Lesson: Race Cars and Driving Skills

Drawn from the "Five Truths about Talent" section of the course this lesson introduces a powerful analogy for how we develop talents and abilities. 


Sample video lesson: What Success with Growth Mindsets Really Looks Like

This important lesson is drawn from the "Changing Mindsets" section of the course. It highlights the fact that we set ourselves and our colleagues up for failure if we expect our work to instantly result in students "having" a Growth Mindset. To do this work successfully we need to recognise Mindset as a continuum and our role in moving students towards a more growth oriented mindset. 


Through professional learning, resources and my support, you will achieve success with Growth Mindsets.

Make Growth Mindsets a reality in your school.

Contact me to register for my Masterclass today.

Wednesday 4th - Thursday 5th December 2019
St. Joseph's Institution International, Singapore
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