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The Mindset Continuum

In The Mindset Continuum, James Anderson gives deep insights into the practical application of Carol S. Dweck’s work. He explains why most current Growth Mindset interventions are failing and provides clear and compelling direction for schools wanting to implement Growth Mindset strategies that work!

You can also buy a hard copy of this powerful book in my online store - click here to get your copy for just $19.95.

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The Agile Learner

Chapter 1

The Agile Learner combines three powerful ideas: Growth Mindset, Habits of Mind and Virtuous Practice. It shows teachers not only how to create the Growth Mindset, but also how to translate that Mindset into actual growth in their student’s abilities.

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Getting Misatkes Right!

If you’re interested in sustaining your work, and making a real difference to student learning and school culture with Habits of Mind, you’ll want to take advantage of these insights.

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Success with Habits of Mind

After 15 years of working with schools around the world James Anderson compiles his three most important lessons for Success with Habits of Mind in this short e-book.

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Insights into Habits of Mind

This ebook contains over 1 hour of video interviews with Art Costa. Carefully edited and arranged into short easily digestible chunks. Art explores topics and answers questions such as:

  • What are the Habits of Mind?
  • Where did the Habits of Mind come from?
  • What is the evidence supporting the efficacy of the Habits of Mind?
  • How do the Habits of Mind fit with other initiatives like Edward de Bono’s work, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Brain research and more.
  • What does getting better at the Habits of Mind look like?
  • Art’s personal reflections on 30 years of working with Habits of Mind and much much more.
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Putting the Growth back into Growth Mindset

I’ve put together “Putting the Growth Back into Growth Mindsets” – a compilation of my blog posts from the past two years!


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